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Arctic Peoples
Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic.

Arctic Nature & Wildlife
Landscapes and Wildlife of the Arctic.

Climate Change
Polar Regions are warming fast.

Polar Bear on thin ice
Modern Arctic
Industry, communications and pollution are changing the Arctic.
Polar Phenomena
Ice crystals & light make amazing light shows, but best of all is the Aurora
Aurora Borealis
Antarctic Pictures
Antarctica, a continent for Science, and wildlife and ice and history
Warmer Places
Sometimes it is good to go places where we don't need thermal underwear


Arctic Circle of Life

The Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, (2018)

‘Yamal: The Stream of Life’ - Horniman Museum, London, (2018)

‘Whisper of the Stars’ - Exhibition of traditional life of indigenous peoples of Arctic Siberia.

  • Pushkin House, London, (2011)
  • Montier-en-der Photo Festival, France, (2012)
  • Royal Scottish Geographical Society, (2013)
  • University of Aberdeen Museum, (2013)
  • Horniman Museum, London, (2014)
  • Eden Court, Inverness, (2014)
  • Discovery Point, Dundee, (2014)

Whisper of the Stars
Horniman Museum, London
Whisper of the Stars - Montier-en-der Photo Festival, France

‘The Polar Circle of Life’ - A major exhibition of 240 photographs of peoples & nature from around the Arctic, which opened at the Shimanovsky Museum in Salekhard, Siberia, (2011)

The Light and Soul of the Yamal
Salekhard, Siberia

‘The Light and Soul of the Yamal’ - An exhibition of photos of people from the Yamal region of northwest Siberia which opened at the Shimanovsky Museum in Salekhard, Siberia, (2010)

‘Under the North Star’ - an exhibition of photos of Arctic Peoples from around the circumpolar North. Roerichs Museum, Moscow (2007) to mark International Polar Year. Hosted by the United Nations and sponsored by Hewlett Packard. Since then it has been exhibited at venues in Italy, France, Russia and the USA.

'The Vanishing Arctic'

  • Royal Geographical Society, London, (1995)
  • Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, (1996)
  • CN Tower, Toronto, Canada, (1996)
  • National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen, (1997)
  • Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, Finland (1997)
  • Museum of the Arctic & Antarctic, St. Petersburg, Russia (1998)
Opening Ceremony - Polar Circle of Life Exhibition - Salekhard, Siberia

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