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Arctic Peoples
Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic.

Arctic Nature & Wildlife
Landscapes and Wildlife of the Arctic.

Climate Change
Polar Regions are warming fast.

Polar Bear on thin ice
Modern Arctic
Industry, communications and pollution are changing the Arctic.
Polar Phenomena
Ice crystals & light make amazing light shows, but best of all is the Aurora
Aurora Borealis
Antarctic Pictures
Antarctica, a continent for Science, and wildlife and ice and history
Warmer Places
Sometimes it is good to go places where we don't need thermal underwear

Product Information

Single Image Technical Specifications

ArcticPhoto photography is produced using professional level DSLRs and high-end scanners, and are created in a colour-managed environment centered on the Adobe RGB 1998 colour space. All imagery is fully retouched, colour-corrected, 24-bit RGB (8 bits per channel) and have resolutions of 300 ppi (with the exception of the low resolution imagery available at 72 ppi).

Rights-managed (RM) single images

  • Ultra High Resolution (Up to 48 MB, 11x17, 300 dpi, RGB)

Model and Property releases

Some of our pictures have model releases. Releases are available upon request. To request a redacted copy of a release, please email alexander@arcticphoto.co.uk.

Return Policy

All licensing transactions are considered final after 30 days. ArcticPhoto offers non-watermarked comps for registered users, in order to assist in finalizing the end use of the image. For any refund on an image within 30 days of purchase, please contact alexander@arcticphoto.co.uk.

Licensing Information

Rights-managed (RM) single images

Rights-managed images are used for a high-profile project such as print advertising, brochure & catalog covers, retail products and more. Higher licensing fees and the fact that the use of rights-managed images is tracked, helps prevent these images from saturating the market and therefore helps reduce potential conflicts of use.

The pricing is based on usage, not file size, so each file licensed is our largest Ultra High Resolution (48 MB, 11x17, 300 dpi, RGB).

The fees and usage rights for rights-managed images are based on the specific project's criteria:

  • INTENDED USE: book publishing, exhibition, brochure, print advertisement, billboard, etc.
  • USE SIZE: 1/4 page, 1/2 page, 3/4 page, full page, double page, etc.
  • PLACEMENT OF IMAGE: inside, cover, etc.
  • PRESS RUN OR CIRCULATION: 5,000 book copies or an ad in a 250,000 press run magazine.
  • DURATION OF THE USE: One-time, Six months, one year etc.
  • GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION: National or International. English Language use or WRAL

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